Traffic OfficersThe Traffic Unit has a sergeant, four officers and three police service officers assigned to handle all traffic related issues. The primary responsibility of the traffic unit is to investigate collisions and to enforce vehicle code violations. Additionally, the Unit address traffic complaints, respond to traffic related hazards, assist in the coordination of special events, provide public education presentations, conduct tow truck inspections, taxi cab inspections, tow yard inspections, and supplement the patrol section by responding to, and covering on, calls for service.
In an effort to reduce violations and collisions before they occur, the traffic unit continues its focus on education as part of its overall traffic safety plan. Traffic safety presentations on military bases, schools and at neighborhood meetings cover such topics as DUI, driver/bicycle/pedestrian safety, and current traffic related trends.

The traffic unit utilizes radar trailers as an educational tool for motorists to monitor their speed in neighborhoods where citizens have identified speed violations. To request a radar trailer to be placed in your neighborhood call (619) 522-7359.


Top Ten Collision Causes:

* Unsafe speed * Unsafe turns *DUI * Improper turning movement * Failure to stop at Stop signs * Failure to yield to right of way when entering roadway * Improper driving * Pedestrian outside of crosswalk * Bicycle opposing traffic * Other improper driving *

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