Skate Park Rules

For Your Safety

  • Park is for skateboarding and in-line skates only. All other uses are prohibited.
  • All skaters must wear commercially manufactured safety gear, which includes helmet, elbow pads, and kneepads.
  • Failure to wear safety equipment may result in loss of park privilege and/or citation. (Coronado Municipal Code Sec. 56.28.045)
  • All skaters must have a liability waiver on file. For skaters under 18 years of age, parent/guardian must sign release forms in person or have forms notarized.
  • Minimum age is 6 years old; Proof of age required.
  • All skaters must skate safely at all times and avoid collisions with others.
  • Fighting or other disruptive behavior will result in loss of skating privilege.
  • Skaters must abide by staff instructions at all times.
  • All equipment used by skaters must be in good condition and not damage the park or its structures.
  • Spectators are not permitted inside the Park.
  • Notify staff of any unsafe conditions found inside or outside the park.
  • City of Coronado and Coronado Recreation Department reserves the right to change the park schedule as necessary. Park will not be open during inclement weather.

For the Enjoyment of all Participants

  • All food, drink, smoking and chewing gum/tobacco are prohibited inside the Park. Please, no glass bottles in Tidelands Park .
  • Profanity and abusive language are prohibited.
  • No trespassing while facility is closed for business.
  • No skating in parking lot, on sidewalks, curbs, or entrance areas near the Skatepark.
  • Shirts must be worn at all times while in the Park.
  • No contests of any sort are allowed in the Park unless organized by the Park.
  • City of Coronado is not responsible for personal property.
  • All forms of graffiti, tagging, or other means of defacing City property is strictly prohibited. Such activity will result in closure of the facility until it can be cleaned or repaired.

For assistance in an emergency, please call 911. For Skatepark information, call the Coronado Recreation Dept. at (619) 522-7342. For Police assistance, please call (619) 522-7350.