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Staff 101-150 of 151
Name Title Department Email Telephone
Ochoa, Jesus Captain - Field Services Police Department 619-522-7372
Olsen, Tricia Associate Planner Community Development 619-522-7329
Orr, Glen Firefighter Paramedic     619-522-2428
Peake, Perry Battalion Chief Fire Department 619-522-7374
Phelps, Robert Beach Lifeguard   619-522-7346
Porter, Mark Sergeant - Patrol Police Department 619-522-2440
Porter, Ted Firefighter Paramedic     619-522-2428
Price, Mark Fire Engineer     619-522-7374
Purvis, Kelly Contract Arts Administrator City Manager's Office 619-522-2633
Ramirez, Jorge Storm Water Compliance   619-522-2432
Ramos, Laura Administrative Secretary Community Development 619-522-7326
Ramos, Nathan Firefighter Paramedic     619-522-2428
Reloj, Jennifer Office Specialist - Records Police Department 619-522-7366
Reynolds, Nancy Administrative Secretary Engineering & Capital Projects 619-522-2420
Rigsby, Barbara Accounting Technician   619-522-7392
Roark, Eric Community Development Technician   619-522-2413
Romero, Joe Building Inspection Supervisor Community Development 619-522-2411
Rose, Ryan Police Corporal Police Department 619-522-7350
Sandke, Bill Councilmember   619-522-2419
Sandoval, Richard Maintenance Worker II   619-522-7318
Scarboro, Joshua Fire Captain     619-522-7376
Schaeffer, Emily Office Specialist - Records Police Department 619-522-7366
Scheckman, Jay Beach Lifeguard     619-522-7346
Scribner, Eric        
Sellers, Samuel Police Officer Police Department 619-522-7350
Shank, Kevin Police Lieutenant Police Department 619-522-7353
Skelly, Beth Administrative Secretary   619-522-2475
Standing, Brian Firefighter Paramedic     619-522-2428
Starr, Barbara Dispatcher Police Department 619-522-7350
Stepanof, Scott Fire Engineer     619-522-7374
Stepanof, Tom Firefighter     619-522-2428
Summers, Jayson Fire Captain     619-522-7376
Sutherland, Gary Maintenance Worker II   619-522-2433
Swanson, John C. Assistant Planner Community Development 619-522-2416
Tanaka, Casey Mayor   619-522-7320
Tanglao, Joselito Senior Police Officer Police Department 619-522-7350
Theisen, Merry Police Services Officer Police Department 619-522-2443
Toon, Bill Battalion Chief   619-522-7377
Torres, Jerome Sr. Management Analyst     619-522-7305
Trevino, Erica Office Specialist - Records Police Department 619-522-7366
Trujillo, Oceana Dispatcher Police Department 619-522-7350
Tu, Vy Senior Librarian - Head of Technical Services   619-522-2473
Tugend, Richard     619-522-7380
Urbina, Gilbert        
VanZerr, Mariah Associate Transportation Planner, Engineering Engineering & Capital Projects  
Waczek, Laszlo Captain - Support Services Police Department 619-522-7354
Walton, Ed Department Director/City Engineer Engineering & Capital Projects 619-522-7383
Weber, Ellenjoy Senior Librarian - Children's Services   619-522-2471
Wheeler, Michelle Dispatcher Police Department 619-522-7350
Woiwode, Mike Councilmember   619-522-2417
Staff 101-150 of 151