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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Main, Julie Office Specialist Fire Department   619-522-7374
Copeman, Royce Firefighter Paramedic Fire Department   619-522-2428
Feliciano, Jonathan Firefighter Paramedic Fire Department   619-522-2428
Lowe, Evan Beach Lifeguard Sergeant   619-522-2626
Balke, Chris Firefighter Paramedic     619-522-2428
Bechtold, Michael Fire Captain     619-522-7374
Bond, Christian Beach Lifeguard   619-522-7346
Carey, Sean Beach Lifeguard Captain     619-522-7346
Clark, Brian Fire Engineer     619-522-7374
Clements, Jason Fire Captain     619-522-7376
Colley, Matthew Firefighter Paramedic   619-522-2428
Dorosan, Andrew Firefighter Paramedic Fire Department 619-522-2428
Glorioso, Ruth Office Specialist   619-522-2497
Goff, Kyle Beach Lifeguard   619-522-7346
Hall, Darren Fire Captain     619-522-7376
Hingeley, David Fire Engineer     619-522-7374
Hingeley, Eric Fire Engineer     619-522-7374
Hogueisson, Larry Firefighter Paramedic     619-522-2428
Ihde, Brandon Firefighter Paramedic Fire Department 619-522-2428
Kennedy, Ryan Firefighter Paramedic     619-522-2428
Martinez, Leticia Administrative Assistant   619-522-2496
Matey, Brandon Firefighter Paramedic     619-522-2428
Modeen, Bill Battalion Chief Fire Department   619-522-7375
Orr, Glen Firefighter Paramedic     619-522-2428
Phelps, Robert Beach Lifeguard   619-522-7346
Porter, Ted Firefighter Paramedic     619-522-2428
Price, Mark Fire Engineer     619-522-7374
Ramos, Nathan Firefighter Paramedic     619-522-2428
Scarboro, Joshua Fire Captain     619-522-7376
Standing, Brian Firefighter Paramedic     619-522-2428
Stepanof, Scott Fire Engineer     619-522-7374
Stepanof, Tom Firefighter     619-522-2428
Summers, Jayson Fire Captain     619-522-7376
Wright, Brian Fire Captain     619-522-7376
Bassett, Damon Beach Lifeguard Sergeant   619-522-2625
Peake, Perry Battalion Chief Fire Department 619-522-7374
Scheckman, Jay Beach Lifeguard     619-522-7346
Toon, Bill Battalion Chief   619-522-7377
Blood, Mike Fire Chief   619-522-7374
Staff 1-39 of 39