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Staff 1-50 of 151
Name Title Department Email Telephone
Animal Services Animal Services Police Department 619-522-7371
Business Office Records/Information/Operation Permits Police Department 619-522-7366
Parking Control Parking Control Police Department   619-522-2443
Traffic Traffic Police Department 619-522-2620
Adams, Anthony     619-522-7380
Anderson, Melissa Administrative Assistant - Finance Police Department 619-522-7358
Bailey, Richard P Councilmember; Mayor Pro Tem   619-522-7320
Balke, Chris Firefighter Paramedic     619-522-2428
Bassett, Damon Beach Lifeguard Sergeant   619-522-2625
Bechtold, Michael Fire Captain     619-522-7374
Belter, Phyllis Head of Technology and Volunteers Library 619-522-2474
Berman, Stacy L Recreation Programs Supervisor    
Bisbal, David      
Blood, Mike Fire Chief   619-522-7374
Bond, Christian Beach Lifeguard   619-522-7346
Boyd, Shane Police Officer Police Department 619-522-7350
Bridgeford, Brenda Office Specialist   619-522-7320
Canet, Bill Senior Police Officer Police Department 619-522-7350
Cantu, Nelly Office Specialist - Finance Police Department 619-522-2441
Carey, Sean Beach Lifeguard Captain     619-522-7346
Carney, Joan Dispatcher Police Department 619-522-7350
Castellano, Mary Ann Support Services Supervisor Police Department 619-522-7363
Cecil, William Capital Projects Manager Engineering & Capital Projects 619-522-7314
Cedeno, Angel Detective Police Department 619-522-7351
Clark, Brian Fire Engineer     619-522-7374
Clements, Jason Fire Captain     619-522-7376
Clifford, Mary L City Clerk City Clerk's Office 619-522-7320
Colley, Matthew Firefighter Paramedic   619-522-2428
Copeman, Royce Firefighter Paramedic Fire Department   619-522-2428
Corbin, Lea Community Relations Police Department 619-522-7370
Craig, David Sergeant - Patrol Police Department 619-522-7367
Dannemann, Dianne Administrative Secretary Police Department 619-522-7355
Dias, Mark      
Division, Streets        
Dorosan, Andrew Firefighter Paramedic Fire Department 619-522-2428
Downey, Carrie A. Councilmember   619-435-8177
Duquette, Reginald W Supervisor - Fleet/Facilities/Beach   619-522-7342
Escobedo, Franklin Principal Librarian    
Esquevin, Christian Director of Library Services   619-522-7395
Fait, Peter Associate Planner Community Development 619-522-2414
Feliciano, Jonathan Firefighter Paramedic Fire Department   619-522-2428
Flores, Anthony Police Corporal Police Department 619-522-7350
Froomin, Jon Chief Police Department 619-522-7355
Garcia, Billy Maintenance Worker II   619-522-7380
Gerszewski, Laura Public Services Administration     619-522-7380
Glorioso, Ruth Office Specialist   619-522-2497
Godby, Kim Supervisor - Streets/Wastewater/Storm Water   619-522-7387
Goff, Kyle Beach Lifeguard   619-522-7346
Gonzales, Melita Accounting Technician Engineering & Capital Projects 619-522-2421
Gonzalez, Manny Master Mechanic   619-522-7386
Staff 1-50 of 151